Attract Millennial Customers with a Mobile App

Millennials. How many times have you read this word in every article you’ve encountered lately? Well, considering they’re the largest generation in the labor force, it’s really no wonder why they’ve become a constant topic, especially about their obsession with mobile phones. This widely-known fact can be helpful information if they happen to be your business’s target market. How can your business best attract them? By having your own mobile app, of course. Here’s why:

Technology is their life

As a member of the Generation Y myself, I certainly can’t deny that we do love our cell phones. I mean, here’s how today looked like for me: I woke up this morning thanks to the built-in alarm in my phone, worked out with Fitbit, listened to a podcast on Spotify on my way to the office, corresponded with my colleagues using Slack during work hours, booked an Uber ride home, and finally watched an episode of my favorite show on Netflix, all on my phone.

I mean, can you blame me or my generation for this? Everything has become so easy! We grew up with technology, so it’s only fitting that said technology has become a necessity in our daily lives. If you can fit your business’s mobile app into their routine, you’re set.

They are the largest workforce

According to Pew, Millenials make up about 35% of labor force participants in the United States. That means they’re generally the largest generation in the American workforce! Now grown up and actively working, they are generating their own income and building purchasing power.

With the oldest of them being 37, they’re in the process of building their own adult lives and maybe even families. Each of their household, of course, has their own needs. If your products or services can manage to fulfill a specific need of theirs via a familiar platform – their smartphones – you can build a bigger customer base.

They are creative and mobile

In their daily lives, hobbies, and jobs, they are highly creative and imaginative people. They spend their free time doing things that they like that may even become their second income. Remote working is becoming more common these days, and it’s not rare for them to rely on a freelancing job that doesn’t necessarily require them to come to a designated office space.

This grants them the ability to be free and mobile – they could be thousands of miles away, sitting at a beach side cafe somewhere in a tropical country sending business emails and working on their creative projects. What does this mean for your business? Having your business’s mobile app in their smartphones makes you accessible wherever they are. You won’t be losing customer each time they need to pack their bags and travel – you’ll go with them!

One way to make sure that your business properly prospers is by adapting to your customers, and when you have millennials as part of your target market, having your own mobile app is a brilliant action plan. You can build a big customer base with actual buying power with your app and ensure that your business is a part of their daily life, whether they’re at home or away on some vacation or work retreat. If you haven’t already, why not start now?

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