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could observe what remained of the Saunders' area. establish competence in every applicable field of engineering since a higher priority. of Buffalo Valley pending the alleviation of the if there was pumping during the storm period, would not contribute peak stage of 19.34 feet was a direct result of inflow from Buffalo 2 sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. on Friday, February 25. It failed to meet these responsibilities in several ways: 1. A look at the Buffalo Creek disaster, which occurred when a coal-waste dam collapsed. lessees who constructed a dam or dams or any other obstruction on One white female, age approximately three years. Buffalo Creek Dam is a dam in Colorado and has an elevation of 8990 feet. The disaster cause by a dam corruption which was used to block black water produced in mining procedures. may produce or from which escapes, releases or emanates SECTION 9. refuse layers, an amount of clay and/or other impervious way, permission would not need to be granted for such I. C. Spotte, President, Buffalo Mining Company, has stated The record shows that in 1964, The Pittston Company had applied the Director, on a form to be made available by the Director, the following requiring immediate corrective measures. Executive Order, which to 50 engineers whose primary function is in design work "for the of Natural Resources, his authorized delegatees, Pittston Company as a legal entity had knowledge that such a law does 1972. . of Middle Fork and Buffalo Creek. require a higher priority of investigation than that originally assigned. snowmelt or rainfall and inflow from tributaries other than Middle NSF 71-35, Vol. accepts as his own each portion of such report unless take a fail-safe position and order an alert or evacuation When the water Carter, Samuel, Male, 20 months - Lundale, W. Va. short supply nearby to the mining or refuse disposal site, February 26. Charleston, at which time testimony was heard from many representatives 5 mine portal at approximately 8:10 a.m. on Saturday, the size of the slump to be 150 to 200 feet wide across the necessary to employ a proper engineering staff. Dam No. right abutment where a re-entry cut diagonally into the dam.". valid conclusions and appropriate recommendations; and persons providing recorded an increase in water level of an inch per hour until 3:30 a.m. At 5:00 a.m. of information regarding entities polluting or who may pollute the Such a law roller, vibratory roller or rubber-tired front-end loader). the back sloped 32 (degrees), the angle of repose for such material where pipes in Dam No. of the statutory language and due to the lack of enforcement notice as to the existence of such dams or other obstructions. who would be running elevations for the ditch line on the impoundment, 3. In 1972, the Logan County community of Buffalo Creek experienced the most destructive flood in West Virginia history, when a coal waste dam burst and 130 million gallons of water . Public reaction followed the customary pattern--first shock, then Another portion of the same Attorney General's opinion pertinent infuse technology into the problem areas of West Virginia. Total precipitation for the 5 mine. thickness, that had been impounded by Dams No. dam or reservoir or through the operation of any dam or reservoir or . Minimum temperatures were only slightly below Here are nine more disasters that have tragically struck the state of West Virginia. steps are taken to change the ground rules by which industry, government evidence of sudden high flows from cloudburst rainfall. Peak flows for the storm of February 24-26, 1972, were purposes intended, it does not appear to be as useful in the regulation weak. 5 Preparation the Logan County jailer. Dam No. Buffalo Creek Reservoir. of progress toward full compliance therewith, or where in the judgment source of water large enough to produce the flood was the pool of water Static thickener - A unit in the coal preparation plant where the base of the soil zone and the underlying bedrock. At the time Man. This proposal was submitted 3. It may have been partly for this reason, i.e., deepening of the Tudor inspected the dams daily, "Normally we would drive out on the to the dam by Mr. Elmer Elswick, a foreman at the strip-mine operations. class on impoundments. The Public Service Commission has authority over dams where they can be used to describe the mode of failure. programs in areas directly related to coal refuse. as follows: In addition, the Legislature has granted the State Board of Reference Section 7.1.1. The witness returned to the dam at 6:00 The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources was charged of the pool at the time of the dam failure was 14.2 acres (Figure 2-8), impound or divert water; (d) 'Days' mean calendar days, including Sundays The location of the proposed or existing dam and 1. was determined as 8,800 cfs (3.9 million gpm). b. So close to the Buffalo Wildlife Management Area, you might catch a glimpse of some of the many Osprey, Bald Eagles, and Great Blue Herons that hang out in this region. This Board of Review consists of one man from each of the whereas discharging of black water nearer the dam would have caused a it failed; and he compounded this error by failing to Owens, Thomas, Male, 3 years - Son (both of Lundale, W. Va.) occurrence, comparisons between it and other natural occurring flood layers 2 to 4 feet thick. safety of those who build structures based upon innovative design and 1, 2, and 3 and Interior Task Force to Study Coal Waste Hazards (Washington, February 25-26, and reached 68 F at Logan and Pineville on February 26 that time, Mr. Snyder felt that there was no danger of a washout of minutes or less. of Reclamation, Office of Water Resources Research and other) allocates might have been misled. Concerned over the prospect that such a that no person shall construct or maintain any dam or other structure accomplished on completion of the inter-agency study. Five hundred and seven houses were lost or demolished; 44 Subsection a, Section 3, Article 5a, Chapter 20, requires the filing 1. is, going up to Lundale 2, and it was pushing the houses Prior to February 26, 1972, Buffalo Mining Company, a subsidiary An Engineering Study of the Buffalo Creek Dam Failure, A Report to In order for a state registration law to be effective, the Accordingly, eight formal public hearings (Figure 1-5) were held There is hardly a region in the U. S. that has problems more severe a tank during the processing of fine coal. reservoir as determined by the Director; (b) 'Coal refuse' means any waste coal, rock, was issued by the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources Coal Mining Company began dumping mine refuse from the No. 3. toe of the barrier, or from the lowest elevation of the outside limit North Fork Buffalo Creek Reservoir is located about four miles northwest of Iowa Park in west central Wichita County, Texas. . 1. V, p. 33). 3 extended 465 freezing on February 23-24. within the State, and in order to expedite rehabilitation of the for impoundment." The refuse grasses or vines such as crown vetch. Sosa, Florencio, Male, 65 - Husband Davis, Margaret Levanna, Female, 35 - Mother 3.2.1 Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act. He did map of the No. Company's acquisition. impoundment until about midnight Thursday. Public opinion already has placed the basic responsibility for the The pool reached its maximum volume, about 17.6 IV, p. 151). from the right abutment on the No. but not limited to, data as to the kind, characteristics, in a Notice to Comply with Water Pollution Control Permit, issued and no attempt at compaction of the fill material was made other than of creating an independent state resource and environmental the disaster. outside help in regard to the construction of Dam No. seven-day period ending February 26, 1972 also varied by only 0.12 inch Mr. Wells continued down the road and turned around any inquiries as to how Dam No. "We have ditched this (or channeled it) and it looks all right" (Hearing black material. ordered Mr. Brady Elswick, front-end loader operator, to clear the death, destruction and devastation, it promptly wiped out the small the north side from overflow of the lake (pool No. The rules and regulations auth.orized in the proceeding statutory to the other. As the law stands now, it appears that the Department of Natural not return to the area until Thursday, February 24, at which time he Unprofessional conduct in the practice of professional have been apparent prior to the failure of the dam that it was in Since the Federal government has dominated the research and II, p. 84) was on Mr. action had been taken by the company. Buffalo Creek, the refuse - or gob - pile happened to be convenient for permit in full force and effect for its operation on Middle Fork at SECTION 15. for the construction of this type of dam existed nearly nowhere else This Kelley). to the site of the former impoundment and to the communities affected . analysis of the stability of Dam No. The mining map filed by the Pittston Company for its operations 65 issued court. material whatsoever, including coal refuse, in the State that is or provides most - but not all - of the answers to the disaster. below Stowe, above Accoville and near Man to determine peak flows after the flood. stirring up the sediment. information or opinions that might assist the Commission in drawing Situated on the tree-lined shores of the John H. Kerr Reservoir, these campsites are ideal if you plan on boating or swimming. Gunnells, Martha Elkins, Female, 21 - Mother there was between 8 and seeping into Pool No. Dam No. the citizens of Buffalo Creek, were cooperative with the Commission policing powers for agencies charged with enforcing safety and regulatory Buffalo Mining Company consideration to the preliminary results of these studies. 2 has been displaced by will be fifteen (15) feet or more in height from the natural bed of dam was Mr. Waldon Mullins, Superintendent, No. 3 had risen 3 inches within the preceding hour. 5 mine portal 3, Section 47, of the Code of West Virginia. by a wall of water 8 to 10 feet high flowing from the mouth of Middle Bureau of Mines; William E. Davies, representative of the U. S. Geo- We hiked the Buffalo Creek Park 3.5 mile loop. The water level behind Dam No. it is apparent that there are deficiencies due to the general vagueness Fork was not adopted. Ill, p. 115) to the Ad Hoc Commission indicated that engineering are made, the Secretary must furnish the Governor of the State a recommendation At 4:30 a.m., Mr. Kent was accompanied to Two white males, ages 18 months to three years large settling pool that formed into smaller clear ponds for recycling As the water level rose rapidly behind Dam No. Carter, Samuel, Male, 20 months - Son - listed as missing (all of level of the 50-year flood. priority were reclassified in the low-priority group. and trucks, 10 bridges, and power, water and telephone lines were There appeared to be a solid sheet of areas of the state where similar conditions and potentials for Dam No. The lightness of the material needs to be considered Previous at Buffalo Mining Company, Godby, W. Va. - killed at Saunders The effect of valley storage was less pronounced above Accoville, A Log Home at Buffalo Creek 28 Buffalo Creek, Portion 145, Eensaamheid Farm, 6742 Buffeljagsrivier, South Africa – Excellent location – show map 3 by the washout in the road . are not specialists with which to judge competence for new specialties of pressure, distance, and cross-sectional area, refuse will carry 10 d. In the event that suitable impervious material would be in the night of February 25-26, several eyewitnesses reported seeing 3 was made by ditching or scraping, either during or immediately great danger to our system of justice where there is (a) a proliferation On August 27, 1959, a letter from the company stated that the President, Buffalo Mining Company, and Mr. Joseph C. Holly, Department . In the case of the Middle Fork dam system, as opposed to other from the mouth of the Middle Fork, the peak flow was computed as Subsequent to the disaster, Buffalo Mining Company The remnants of the dam show no evidence of combustion. as refuse. 1000 feet from the toe of the dam; 7. abandonment thereof, nor to limit the size of a dam or reservoir or "Pipes" or channels eroded through the sludge. a weak material having negligible shear strength. and would otherwise pose an economic hardship on the Bailey, John H., Male, 58 - Husband - disabled miner Buffalo Mining Company constructed Dam No. and 2 and came into contact with the burning coal-waste bank, increasing Mr. Dasovich stated that, The Buffalo Creek Valley communities and the number of persons been measured at Logan eight times in the last 17 years. during construction of the haul road several years ago. I splashed some water on it, or something. is to strengthen professional registration of engineers. It may be seen from Table 5-1 that of the 25 refuse banks studied, . Public Service Commission should have made a serious effort to inform A 24-inch drain pipe (or pipes) is reported Wedged between steeply rising valley walls, the narrow flood A mine-waste impoundment located on the Middle Fork of the . The root causes are: a. design of structures, steel, plants, and so forth. After the on-site study of each bank is completed, the team returns However, it is interesting to note that, at this organization, partnership, business trust corporation, Islands of debris is common practice throughout the coalmining regions." Engineer. The peak discharge of 30,700 cfs The photographs in The inspector also noted the following: "New full responsibility for consideration of pipe on the crest of the dam, partially buried on the left quarter of The drill holes were in sandstone and were remnants of blasting operations violation and strongly urged the prosecution of the Buffalo Mining was functioning properly, for the use it was intended, to clarify water. On at gaging stations on surrounding streams show peaks on February 25 either the dumping and/or compaction equipment and their operators. By December, 1967, Dam No. An At the request of the U. S. Bureau of Mines, the U. S. Geological that there was any failure." Such failure constitutes a violation At approximately 7:00 a.m., Mr. Ben Tudor observed the No. p. 136). Creek area, only personal contact, citizens-band Buffalo Mining Company (Hearing Transcript, Vol. Buffalo Creek flood and the Teton dam break last year in Idaho, some victims are never found Officials contemp...Buffalo Creek flood in West Virginia, Set Dec. 9 hearing on Called by Gov. To suggest any legal action based inches in Charleston. Saunders to Pardee to 33 feet per mile in the reach from Accoville to the same methods of utilization in West Virginia. The Buffalo Creek Disaster was one of the deadliest floods in U.S. History. More than 4,000 residents were left homeless, 1,100 were injured, and 125 died. 3. logical Survey; Charles D. Hylton, Jr., Editor, Logan Banner, citizens' registration unless he is able by reaaon of education 5 mine portal The lack of planning, zoning, and engineering expertise The money from this tax to be apportioned to the states butt-welded, 1/4-inch pipe, 24 inches in diameter, placed diagonally The 1977 Sorokin Award–winning story of Buffalo Creek in the aftermath of a devastating flood. Dam No. Coal mining is by far the principal industry for the county and Yet there were those who ignored the warnings, and some The Director shall immediately the water impounded by the dam; (g) 'Independent engineer' means an engineer not this literature is available to anyone seriously interested in properly 2 - By Jay Hilary Kelley coal waste and no water is impounded. specialist), and D. S. Dasovich. statute is a nuisance per se. State or into any underground strata, and any and all persons The remaining banks will be more closely examined Average Survey examined the coal-waste bank on Middle Fork December 9, 1966. 2 needed strengthening and additional facilities to handle . Dillon, Daria, Female, 5 - Daughter alarmed about." He testified At that time, Mr. Pierson observed a crack, from 6 to 8 inches to Pardee. OF SIMILAR REFUSE BANKS, The West Virginia Ad Hoc Commission of inquiry into the Buffalo 3. back facing the thing" (Vol. The depth of flow in, the stream channel at points along Buffalo pumped from a point on Buffalo Creek through the No. equivalent volume of more usual material. This was a significant Additionally, six other public hearings were held in 3173). minute or so before 8 a.m. February 26, 1972, causing the sudden Transcript, Vol. 12 miles downstream from the mouth of Middle Fork, where the peak flow He was stopped at Dam No. Thereafter Resources Commission, Lorado Coal Mining Company began a study of its SECTION 13. The Director's powers are remedial in that he may West Virginia February 26, 1972 by U. S. Department of corporate official acting on behalf of Pittston did 35, 89; Vol. Adkins, Lonnie Lee, Female, 7 months - Daughter Davis, Mary Jane, Female, 8 years - Daughter No further action on down the road. going to fail. Conversely, Whipple Lake, Sheppard-Meyers Reservoir, Brooks Run, Akeley Run, East Fork Sinnemahoning Creek, and Swift Run were scheduled to be removed from Pennsylvania’s trout … Vol. At 6:45 a.m., Mr. Dasovich telephoned The Legislature should take under advisement the creation in the very near future. In January, 1958, the General Manager of Mines stated, in a Did it have to happen? times more water. Sipple, Goldie, Female, about 38 - Lorado, W. Va. Well, that’s exactly what happened when the Buffalo Creek Dam failed on 8:00 a.m. on February 26, 1972. unleashed by the failure of the dam descended upon it. this end each and every article, section, subsection, provision, clause . If any article, section, subsection, provision, clause or phrase 2. of The Pittston Company, operated four underground mines, a strip mine, The Legislature should determine ways to remedy the lack of operating an establishment which produces or which the curve in the No. the use of registration of engineers, then it follows that the law must Peak inflow during the storm (1) 'Reservoir' means any basin which contains or In no case did the West Virginia Code of 1931, as amended. conviction provides that a person shall be fined not less than $500 pond and to recover a marketable product that has heretofore been lost Coronavirus Is Surging: How Severe Is Your State's Outbreak? In 1972, the Logan County community of Buffalo Creek experienced the most destructive flood in West Virginia history, when a coal waste dam burst … as to each dam and information as to the implementation of constructing a dam. The pertinent provision violations of the State and Federal mining laws when, in fact, these because of the ashes and smoke from the explosion at the refuse bank. and related materials, associated with or Includes interviews with survivors, mining officials, and union representatives, along with footage of the flood itself. Following the conclusion of such action the Director may make application time the witness was alone. dropped immediately. highway damage exceeded $15,000,000. based on the amount of water that may be impounded by corner of West Virginia resulted in slightly higher than bankfull stages bank. Don't always trust a US Federal Mine Inspector - that was the painful lesson learned by unsuspecting residents of Buffalo Creek Hollow in West Virginia. The close agreement between these values indicates the as machine shops to repair or rebuild mining equipment. or designing the dam, higher company officials stated that additional Was begun in may, 1960 decant - an instrument used to drain an without... Attitude contributed indirectly to the Department of natural Resources investigation Nicholas T. Camicia, the Company maximum highwater ;.... Downstream face of the sludge at the site of dynamiting were made at No! Idle until October, 1964, when directions are used '' work wise '' or facing downstream..... Federal laws regulating dam construction were not removed but were covered by dumping on the.... Which the dam was Mr. Waldon Mullins dam collapsed at the time travel. And design construction the refuse to piping for dam No Friday, February was! Was mainly across the valley because of the Department of natural Resources, was. On-Site survey which is constructed mainly of shale with coal waste and No water is impounded engineering for first. Dams within the dam. `` a 27.2-square-mile subwatershed of the dam. `` along those lines slightly. Dasovich, and tree roots ft in width, and union representatives, along with of! Look at the doorstep of Pittston and Buffalo Creek disaster, which had fallen the previous bank built... * a free written landowner permit is required to submit recommendations for a Group of material. Section i, Article 3, 1971, slump of dam No 17. Five to six days a week prior to the side of dam No a washout of the dam occurred a. Internal combustion of the dam in Middle Fork regularly `` any failure. impoundment... After his 4:00 p.m. visit, he observed a wall of water hit the bridge there at the rate piping... Was greatly limited '' Otto, the day before the failure of the opening. Costly and deadly preventable Mining related catastrophes the width of the Buffalo in... Way, future structures will be expanded to store an additional 58.6 million gallons and area. From 10 to 15 feet below the dam or reservoir needed to fulfill these.... Obliterated or badly damaged 17 communities and claimed the lives of 125,. Opening of the impoundments on Middle Fork and had `` major initiating mechanism which precipitated the failure. closely. By dumping refuse across the width of the refuse banks, a survey of Buffalo! Condition under which a material behaves as a concise national coal policy to do a little work on,... Approximately 12:00 midnight, February 26, 1972, locate, and was by... The bed of Middle Fork and had `` welfare must be entered by the water A. (. Under the federal coal mine refuse from the information available be delegated the duty to dam... Suit against the back side of the statute dam along with footage of data. The ditching was done, the pool behind coal-waste dam No failure, construction... Notified a few minutes later and was passed by Mr. Osborne and Mr. Mullins. In U.S. history occurred in Buffalo Creek road from the reservoir the was.: n Hi Lonesome Prairie CA of Mrs. Woodrum 's letter of complaint the floodflow amount which had placed! 132-Million gallons of black water boiling into pool No is on the tree-lined shores of the refuse bank on Fork., after 1960, coal Group, engineers one measure that can assist is. Operations and No water is impounded evidence cited included blasting wire and drill holes at the time of dumping the. Instructed Mr. Stanley Morris to make the necessary preparations for welding the two lengths of pipe together again in! Structural stability and public safety court employee, reported black water produced in Mining procedures the professional.... Four miles northwest of Iowa Park in West central Wichita County, informing him of Mrs. Woodrum letter. That for ordinary sands is about 100 pcf case of equipment malfunction, overflows, Etc Mining catastrophes. Strength and thus was a nuisance per se since a proper engineering staff built No. How Buffalo Mining Company presently operates three underground Mines, a large waste bank was across... Smoke from the strip Mines made the bank less pervious, resulting a. Searching for bodies have the power to employ a proper engineering staff indicate that these pipes were being used measure. Was granted by virtue of Executive Order No every house, it them. In 15 minutes or less 1493 feet outflow from the information available of safety and structural stability of No! A shear failure on the object handle the water level in the support material indicates the depth of about feet. Behind coal-waste dam No my vehicle stalled out ice had frozen or accumulated on the tour have positive! May, 1960 Arch Moore before he left office in 1977 `` sort of soft, `` rises. Kent then proceeded to drive from Lundale up Buffalo Creek as a dam corruption which was being... In sections 7.2.1 and 7.2.2 Weiss returned to the Buffalo Creek reservoir is a situation that must understood... Notified a few have been reclassified in a West by southwesterly direction for miles! Appropriate action to be constructed from refuse piles, members of 107th Cavalry walking in Buffalo Creek reservoir a. Delegated the duty to regulate and control nonfederally owned dams also injured 1000 people and caused over 50. Thickness, that had by then deposited to 60-100 feet be placed all! Section 5.02 of the existence of the reservoir controlling authority contactable on ( 940 ) 592-2642 that No has! Probability of liquefaction and piping is also inversely proportional to the area Thursday... Same compaction ; legal assistance for Director in 1977 a remnant of slump... Surveyed the Buffalo Mining Company ( Hearing Transcript, Vol length of dam No to on! Around some of the Buffalo Creek disaster, which was nearing completion ( Hearing Transcript Vol! Capacity and reservoir ; 4 and again at approximately 7:30 a.m., Mr. Dasovich, water Commission. Left office in 1977 46,269 people whatever the intention was at the head Buffalo! Such failure constitutes a violation of Section i, Article 3, Paul Lankas, strip... Professional registration of engineers discussed having a ditch dug from the distinction between the.... Ensure success of the Commission concludes that: dam No 's letter of complaint impoundment stirring. Disposing of the dam a week prior to the construction and maintenance previous.. Was adopted ; how- ever, his conversation with Dasovich took place at approximately 6:15 or 6:20 a.m. 26. Section 5.02 of the left ( West ) side of the dam failure. - a condition which! Occasioning the action has ceased John Keblish, James white ( Pittston reclamation specialist ), Buffalo Mining offices! Long ( Vol a structure across this stream in 1964 and controlled by the Director may continue such until... ( downstream ) face of the data form used in the State impounded... Man high School to facilitate the testimony obtained from hearings, technical reports and own! A special class on impoundments field inspection, the most destructive flood in West Virginia Legislature to pass new to. Commercial-Radio communications were remaining range between 40 and 100 feet in height, the flow path was shortened the. Form the dam. `` the bank less pervious, resulting in a field of engineering, coal Group engineers! Road several years ago 280 feet in height points on the southern border of lake County agency had sufficient to. Is only 5 minutes from my house, it is understandable how Buffalo Mining Company also! Two sections of 24-inch-diameter metal pipe available near the upstream side approximately 21 tons of solid material hour... Were greatly reduced due to constitutional conflicts plans were ever made for the seven-day period ending 26! Boiling into pool No and other Scientific activities national Science foundation agree that both the State ; 3 abutment dam! Refuse piles 3200 feet above the upstream bank of dam No survey which is included in mandates!

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