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Java Teknologi is a company which consists of a dedicated and trusted team of experts, ready to provide an excellent IT service for their clients. As an IT Consultation and Development company, we ready to collaborate, work together, and help clients to fulfill their needs.
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Website and Mobile Apps Development
Information System
Our Flow
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1. Meeting Up with The Team

A brainstorming session to help us understand you and what you need.

2. Research & Scoping

We will do our part on doing a thorough research of what your project needs and we will present it to you.

3. Development & Testing

We will help you craft the most suitable design and system for your project, we will help you develop the most suitable design and system to become more efficient and effective. We are ready to adjust your requests so your project will be everything you expect and need.

4. Launching

Your software is now live.

5. Maintenance

It doesn’t stop there. We will also provide an experienced (dedicated team) team to routinely maintain and optimize the performance of your software.

Our Clients
Java Teknologi works with start-up companies, corporates, and the government. No matter who you are and where you're from, we're always ready for a discussion.
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